Universal Jaw Die with profile U, for Universal Jaw for Dies

Universal Jaw Die with profile U, for Universal Jaw for Dies
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Universal Jaw dies with profile U to be applied on the MINI-STANDARD Universal Jaw for Dies. Maximum precision coupling and pressed perfect, 3D quality checks.

  • The MGFTools Universal Jaw dies with profile U, to be mounted on the MINI and STANDARD MGF Tools Universal Jaw for Dies before being placed on the market, must pass 3D coordinate measurement checks to ensure compliance with the manufacturer's specifications.
What we like about this Universal Jaw dies with profile U:
  • Full range, many profiles and millimetres available. Look for the diameter of your interest under the button "quantity."
  • The MGF Tools interchangeable dies can be mounted on the MINI and STANDARD MGFTools interchangeable jaw
  • Maximum accuracy of the pressed because the pressing profiles are machined with computerized machines and are subjected to three-dimensional quality controls to ensure compliance with the specifications of the manufacturer
  • The profiles are subjected to double inductive hardening to ensure high resistance and preserve the profile pressed in time.
  • All components are first made with forged special steels to guarantee more remarkable sturdiness and safety.
  • Profile U is available in the following diameters/measurements: 16, 20, 25 and 32.
Data sheet
Made of
Special steel forged and tempered
Transparent envelope
Standard equipment
Tool in envelope
Weight (tool)
0,30 kg
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