Interchangeable pressfitting Jaw for Klauke MINI Tools

Interchangeable pressfitting Jaw for Klauke MINI Tools
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interchangeable pressfitting jaw for interchangeables dies. Use it with pressing tool iPress MINI32 by KLAUKE. Best price for best quality in the market.

  • Universal jaw Mini32, for by KLAUKE, for interchangeable dies.

The jaw for  inserts, mini32 MGF by Klauke, is produced with special steel forged and tempered in order to ensure maximum surface hardness and flexibility. This gives assurance to our jaws.

The pressing profiles are machined with CNC machines that ensure maximum precision, ensuring a perfect pressing at the end of each cycle.

  • Minimum wear thanks to additional induction-hardening of the wear points at infeed chamfers
  • With insert blocking system, reduces jaws tooling costs

What we like about this MINI32 jaw for inserts by Klauke:

  • Easy assignment of pressing jaws and profiles thanks to coding with nominal size, profile and production data
  • Compatible with all pressing tools approved by the system supplier
  • Easy to differentiate between the system-related profiles due to different surface colours
  • Better corrosion protection thanks to special surface finish
  • Optimised safety based on the use of high-resilience tool steel

Suitable for:

  • Stainless steel, steel: max. NS22*
  • Copper, copper alloys: max. NS28*
  • Multi-layer composite pipe/PEX pipe: max. NS32*
* These values are system-related. Please contact us for binding information.
Compatible with: 
Conel PM 1
Greenlee Inline tool (19kn)
Hilti NPR 19-A
Klauke MAP2L19
Klauke MAP 219
Milwaukee Presstool M 12 (europe)
Novopress AFP 101
Novopress ACO 102
Novopress ACO 103
Pressfit Lynx-RR
Pressfit Lynx
Rothenberger Romax compact
Rothenberger Romax compact TT
Data sheet
Made of
Special steel forged and tempered
Standard equipment
Jaw in transparent bag
Weight (tool)
1,00 kg
394.35 € -34.69%   257.55 € (tax incl.) 257.55 € (No Tax Included)
(No Tax Included)