Next Generation Torque Wrench

Next Generation Torque Wrench
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Enhanced torque wrench system featuring intuitive and accurate color-coded torque settings for ease of use. Torque specifications are tailored to the union size: 1/4" at 18Nm, 3/8" at 42Nm, 1/2" at 55Nm, and 5/8" at 65Nm.

Every wrench undergoes calibration prior to dispatch to ensure precision.

A calibration certificate is included with each unit.


This torque wrench is specifically designed for use with R410A and R32 refrigerants. The sizing includes a 17mm option for 1/4” connectors, 22mm for 3/8” connectors, 26mm for 1/2” connectors, and 29mm for 5/8” connectors. Typically, the actual hexagonal size of the connector might be slightly smaller than anticipated. We recommend using a caliper to accurately measure your connector as the actual size may be significantly less than its nominal size. The wrench sizes are slightly larger compared to standard fixed open-ended wrenches, leading to a loose fit when matched directly. However, our model incorporates an adjustable wrench head, ensuring a snug and precise fit with the connector.

The set includes:

  • A Color-Coded Interchangeable Torque Wrench Handle Set, specifically designed for Mini-Split Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems. The set comes with one interchangeable torque wrench handle, easily adjustable in four sections for precise torque: 17 (Yellow), 42 (Black), 55 (Red), and 65 (White) Nm.
  • One 9x12 mm Adjustable Wrench Fitting compatible with the Interchangeable Torque Wrench Handle, featuring a color-coordinated design with a maximum opening width of 38mm.

The entire set is neatly packed in a black blow-molded case for durable protection and convenient storage.

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