Copper brazing alloys for plumbing and air conditioning CP201

Copper brazing alloys for plumbing and air conditioning
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Brazing alloy, copper 92% - phosphorus 8% for high quality brazing according to EN 1044: 1999 CP 201. For copper pipes in plumbing and air-conditioning systems.

Brazing alloy for copper pipes welding and brazing in plumbing systems and conditioning. Copper 92% / phosphorus 8% (1 Kg high percentage) in strips of 2 x 500 mm.

What we like about this brazing alloys:

  • High quality metal alloy manufactured according to EN 1044: 1999 CP 201
  • Ideal for brazing capillary fittings on copper pipes in air conditioning technology
  • High melting point for strong brazing, suitable for welding standard tubes of copper
  • Ideal for certified installers with license FGAS

How to use the solder Super 1 CP 2011:

  1. Ideal for welding Castolin
  2. Perform a flare in the copper pipe to be welded and clean it
  3. Insert the tube
  4. Heat the pipe with a MAP gas or oxy-acetylene torch up to the characteristic color "cherry red"
  5. Flow the filler metal alloy to the coupling until the space between the two tubes is filled
  6. Cool the tube
Data sheet
500 mm
Made of
Copper 92% / Phosphorus 8%
Mechanical strength
450 N/mm²
Melting point
710 - 750 °C
Transparent envelope
EN 1044 : 1999 CP 201
Standard equipment
Package 1 Kg
Tool size
2 x 500 mm
Weight (tool)
1,00 kg
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