Two-stage Vacuum Pump

Two-stage Vacuum Pump
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Two-stage vacuum pump for air conditioning, Eastern Cool: economic, imported. The pump is tested accurately in Italy before shipping.


Two stages are used to create a vacuum in a two-stage vacuum pump. While a single-stage pump has one impeller and one set of vanes, a two-stage pump, on the other hand, has two sets of impellers and two sets of vanes. It recycles the exhaust from the first stage and can create a much deeper vacuum.

The MGF Tools Two-stage Vacuum Pump is an oil-sealed vacuum pump used in many laboratory, scientific and production vacuum systems. Two-stage vacuum pumps have both a high and a low-pressure vacuum stage, increasing efficiency. The rotor chambers are lubricated with specially formulated MGF Tools oil which acts as a sealant and lubricant between the sliding vanes, the pump rotor and the stator.

The MGF Tools vacuum pump is a two-stage oil pump with a free air capacity by selection on the right and an ultimate vacuum of 15 microns.

The new series of vacuum pumps are characterised by high efficiency, deep vacuum and quiet operation. In addition, MGF vacuum pumps represent high quality at a reasonable price and come with a one-year warranty.

The presented two-stage vacuum pump capacity selection on the right is an ideal solution as an element of vacuum degassing systems. It is also perfect for servicing air conditioning and other industrial tasks. 

All our vacuum pumps are inspected and tested before they are shipped to the customer. 

Data sheet
Final vacuum
0,015 mbar
Flow rate
56 L/min
85 L/min
113 L/min
170 L/min
226 L/min
340 L/min
540 L/min
Input connection
1/4'' SAE
250 W
370 W
750 W
Pressure gauge
50 mm
Pumping stages
Standard equipment
Two stage Vacuum Air Pump with pressure gauge and with solenoid valve
Tool size
305 x 123 x 230 mm
332 x 129 x 242 mm
230V ~ 50/60Hz
Weight (tool)
From 6,20 kg to 19,00 kg depending on model
Oil volume
280 ml
360 ml
247.25 € -23.59%   188.92 € (tax incl.) 188.92 € (No Tax Included)
(No Tax Included)