Testing pump up to 60 and 120 bar, 100% made in Italy by MGF Tools (INOX)

Pressure testing pump made in Italy by MGF Tools
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Pressure testing pump, up to 60 bar and 120 bar. With stainless steel tank, it's a professional device 100% made in Italy by MGF. Avoid chinese rubbish tools!


Pressure testing pump suitable for verification and testing of plumbing, sanitary and hydraulic systems, in compliance with the technical regulations in force, up to 60 bar and up to 120 bar, equipped with stainless steel tank capacity (12 L), horizontal.
Can also be used for small transfer, fillings, and pressurisation of the closed systems.

What we like about this pressure testing pump with steel tank:

  • Resistant to corrosion and oxidation: major components in brass and stainless steel
  • Can pump water and non acids liquids, i.e. antifreeze solutions
  • Simple to use and with no possibility of error: second non-return valve integrated in the pump
  • High quality manometer according to EN 837 Ø 63 mm, class 1.6
  • Microfilter inlet protected against dirt, to ensure a better functioning
  • Tank in reinforced stainless steel 
  • Easy to carry also on the job thanks to lever locking system
  • Ready for connection: high pressure hose supplied with the pump
  • Large capacity tank: 12 L
  • Lightweight: only 7 Kg

In the data sheet you can find the pressure and the maximum range of the best-selling model (Art. 906000).

In the table below is specified for each model pressure and flow rate.

Art. Pressure Flow Rate Gaskets Tank
906000 60 bar 22 cc/stroke NBR Stainless Steel
904699 120 bar 11 cc/stroke NBR Stainless Steel
Data sheet
Connection pipe
1500 mm - 1/2'' F / 1/2'' F
Flow rate
0,022 L/stroke
Pressure (max)
60 bar
Standard equipment
Pump + high pressure hose
Stainless Steel
Tool size
500 x 190 x 280 mm
Weight (tool)
7,00 kg
308.10 € -33.97%   203.44 € (tax incl.) 203.44 € (No Tax Included)
(No Tax Included)