Lockoff valve with gauge HELP

Lockoff valve with gauge HELP
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Placed between the pump and the system that control-tool "HELP" MGFTools, allows you to make long tests without leaving the pump in the yard


Control tool "HELP" for leak test of water systems equipped with pressure gauge in glycerine pulse-free.

  • What we like about this gauge with a plant shut-off valve:
  • Interposed between the pump and the system allows for long tests without leaving the pump at the construction site
  • For use on all MGF tools pressure test pumps (discover the pressure testing pumps)
  • A hot-stamped brass body that provides strength and reliability
  • The best reading of pressure changes on a small scale, the tests are more accurate, thanks to the ability to view smaller pressure variations
  • Placed in appropriate points of the circuit it facilitates degassing and sectioning of the installations simplifying the work
  • Upon request, we provide the calibration report of the test manometer
  • Control instrument to be used in combination with MGF Tools pressure testing pumps, composed of:
    • a precision pressure gauge
    • sectioning of the installation valve
Data sheet
Transparent envelope
Pressure (max)
12 bar
25 bar
40 bar
60 bar
150 bar
250 bar
Standard equipment
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Weight (tool)
0,30 kg
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