Radiators cart and lifter - Termolift S

Radiators cart and lifter - Termolift S
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Cart for radiators, equipped with wheels stair lift can lift radiators up to 200Kg as a real forklift and transport them on different planes. Made in Italy.


Cart for easy transporting and lifting radiators also of large dimensions, of up to 200Kg, both in translation and for the transport of stairs.

What we like about this cart to radiators with stair lifts:

  • This is not a simple cart, saves time and denare as it combines a number of functions that allow you to perform all the operations of transport and installation of a radiator, without requiring the intervention of a second operator
  • It equipped with wheel lock mechanism for the normal transport
  • The 3 main wheels are designed to allow you to climb the stairs, turning around a main axis, it is possible to climb the steps easily
  • The handles of the cart are folded for optimum ergonomics during the lifting stress on the stairs
  • Mechanism of robust and reliable screw lifting, pressing the handle you can lift the heater to hook or unhook it from the wall after disconnecting water connections
  • Conical couple reducer without lubrication 
  • Mechanism of vine propagating worm to lift effortlessly even large radiators
  • It equipped with adjustable hook to carry the load in complete safety
  • Hook designed to disengage after installation
  • Protective strip for not to spoil the coating of the radiator during transportation and installation
  • It equipped with suitable wheels for the translatory motion of the radiator, during positioning on the brackets
  • Raised platform from the ground 36 cm

Why buy a cart for radiators Termolift S:

  1. It allows you to install a heater without the help of a second operator
  2. It offers the opportunity to carry it easily even on different floors, thanks to its 3 wheels for climbing stairs
  3. 100% made in Italy
Data sheet
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Flow rate
max 200 Kg
Raised platform from the ground
41 cm
Standard equipment
Cart for radiators Termolift S
Tool size
1100 x 600 x 510 mm
Weight (tool)
27,00 kg
859.00 € -27.29%   624.58 € (tax incl.) 624.58 € (No Tax Included)


(No Tax Included)