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Hygiene at Your Fingertips. To address the growing emphasis on hygiene, MGFTools has introduced a product designed to meet the needs of its customers.


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With the Hands Clean dispenser, you can easily carry water, soap, hand sanitiser, and a paper roll in a compact, durable, and portable package.

This is ideal for professionals who work on construction sites and other environments with high levels of dirt, dust, mould, bacteria, and viruses.

Simple handwashing can prevent 20% of common colds and over 30% of typical illnesses. Maintaining good hand hygiene reduces the risk of infection for yourself and those around you.

The Hands Clean handwashing dispenser by MGF Tools ensures you're always at your best when meeting clients and other professionals, even if you've just left a construction site.

Key Features for Your Hygiene Needs:

A 4.7-liter water tank providing 15-25 washing cycles
Two dispensers for cleaning products (such as liquid soap and hand sanitiser gel)
A 120-meter paper roll
A bin for used paper

Portability and Flexibility:

The dispenser can be carried with the handle or shoulder strap or securely mounted in a van with a metal frame.
Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 360 mm x 17.5 mm x 32 mm
Weight (without/with water): 0.6 kg / 7.2 kg

1. Valve and Water Tank Lid
Open the valve when using Hands Clean. Close it after use.
2. Water
Remove the cap before use.
3. Soap, Hand Cleaner, or Alcohol
Use the dispensers for liquid soap or hand sanitiser.
4. Paper
Pull the paper upward and forward, then tear.
5. Waste
Use the integrated bin to dispose of used paper.
6. Van Mount
Attach Hands Clean inside your van for easy access, or carry it with the shoulder strap.

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