Axial Pressfitting Machine PressAx

Axial Pressfitting Tool
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Universal hand tool for installing underfloor heating pipes and for pipes from the PEX 5 series.


The tool for connecting pressure pipes is compact, robust and large. It is made of galvanized components that are resistant to oxidation. The tool is easy to use, thanks to the light alloy housing and allows quick replacement of heads due to the bayonet clutch. The indestructible ratchet mechanism allows for practical multiplication of the effortless compression force.

How to use the crimping tool:

  1. cut, remove the borders and calibrate the pipe you want to connect
  2. insert 2 bushings at the ends
  3. insert the hardware body and place the assembly on the crimping tool
  4. press on the fitting by pressing the lever
  5. release with the opening lever

What we like about this crimping tool:

  • The tool is extremely economical
  • Easy maintenance
  • The handles are robust for comfortable squeezing
  • User-friendly tool
  • Excellent standard equipment
  • PressAx tool for connecting pressure pipes
  • Choice of 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, knee adapter and T-adapter

The set includes: Pipe cutter (Art. MGF922699), suitcase with polyurethane insert and service key.

Data sheet
Made of
Light alloy
Max diameter (mm)
26 mm
Min diameter (mm)
Plastic case
PEX pipes
270 Kg
Standard equipment
Pressing machine, adapters by: Ø12mm, Ø16mm, Ø20mm, adapter elbows and adapter tees, wrench and shears
Tool size
390 x 318 x 114 mm
Weight (tool)
1,5 kg (jack 1 1/4 '')
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