Battery-powered pressfitting tool iPress MEDIUM KLAUKE

Battery pressing tool Klauke MEDIUM
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Battery-powered pressing tool iPress MEDIUM KLAUKE. For copper, steel and multilayer press fittings. Legendary MAKITA battery on board.

  • Flexible and cost effective thanks to interchangeable standard pressing jaws
  • Effortless pressing thanks to low weight and ergonomic design
  • Illumination for working safely with this best in class pressing tool
  • Tool and pressing information shown via LED display 
  • Easy 1-hand operation, press easily copper, steel and multilayer fittings
  • Secure grip due to innovative 2-component housing
  • High-quality, powerful Makita Li-Ion technology for lasting, battery-powered pressing
  • Quick pressing due to short pressing cycle
  • Extremely short charging time of just 22 minutes
  • Time saved when multiple pressing by means of automatic piston return
  • Very high safety factor based on “Quickstop” function
  • Precise pressing force thanks to HPC pressure monitoring with audible signal
  • Long battery and tool servicelife thanks to “Autostop” after the pressing operation
Data sheet
3,0 Ah Li-ION Makita
Charge time
22 min
Copper, copper alloys
max. DN54/ 108/ 4''
Jaws holder
Multilayer pipes
max. DN75/110
Plastic case
PEX pipes
max. DN75
32 kN
Press cycles with one charge
Special steel
max. DN54
Standard equipment
Pressfitting Tool, charger and carrying case
Tool size
366 x 81 x 317 mm
Weight (tool)
3,5 kg
1,732.50 € -40%   1,039.50 € (tax incl.) 1,039.50 € (No Tax Included)


(No Tax Included)