Press fitting Tool MINI32 Battery-powered Klauke with the jaw for interchangeable dies and 2 batteries

Pressfitting Tool MINI32 Battery powered Klauke with 3 dies
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MINI32 press-fitting tools for multilayer, copper and steel pipes up to 32 mm.


Battery-powered Pressing tool 10,8 V/1,5 Ah made in Germany by Klauke. Very quick pressing thanks to a short pressing cycle of approx 4 seconds.

What we like about this MINI32 pressing tool ideal for multilayer, copper and steel fittings:
- Choose and quickly change the mini-jaws, which are flexible, and affordable.
- The press-fitting tool has a twisted head with a rotation up to 360°.
- Equipped with LEDs to illuminate the work area, work better and more securely.
- Even lighter and more comfortable than another MINI pressing tool on the market, which makes it effortless to use due to its low weight and ergonomic design.
- Pressing tool is compact, small and lightweight: you can press it with one hand.
- Signaling with an LED light is always clearly marked on the tool.
- Battery with high-quality Li-Ion technology for long-term pressing without connection to the power and with charge status display.
- Faster pressing time of 3-4 seconds.
- Tool information is shown via the LED display.
- High-security thanks to the "Quick stop" that permits an immediate shut-down of the device after releasing the power button, and hence a fast reaction, for example with the incorrect use of fittings or pressing jaws.
- The automatic switch-off "Autostop" after pressing signals the end of the pressing process to the user, reduces tool wear and increases the battery life.
- Safe tool, thanks to the innovative two-component handle
Save time for multiple pressings thanks to the automatic return of the piston.
- Thanks to the MIN32 crimping tools and its compact design, it will be optimal and easy to crimp joints even in the most difficult-to-access locations.

Equipped with no comparison:
1. Press fitting Tool MINI32
2. 2 Batteries with Li-Ion technology
3. Battery charger
4. Klauke mini universal jaw for interchangeable dies
5. Dies for Klauke MINI universal jaw chosen from the dies SETs
6. PVC moulded case with foam protection

Data sheet
10,8V/1,5 Ah Li-Ion
Charge time
40 min
Copper, copper alloys
max. DN28
Jaws holder
Max diameter (mm)
Multilayer pipes
max. DN32
Plastic case
PEX pipes
max. DN32
15 KN
Press cycles with one charge
Pressing time (min)
4 s
Special steel
max. DN22
Tool size
366 x 64 x 96 mm
Weight (tool)
1,60 kg
1,811.25 € -41.35%   1,062.30 € (tax incl.) 1,062.30 € (No Tax Included)


(No Tax Included)