Jaw Pressfitting Tool Type TH

Jaw Pressfitting Tool Type TH
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COMAP - SKINPress Visu-Control
DALPEX - Laser Multi Dalpex
GIACOMINI - Giacoflex, Goacoterm
TIEMME - Cobrapress
APR - Raccordi a pressare
BAMPI - Balpex (MP)
BRASSTECH - Aluplast, Brasspress
BUCCHI - tech (MP)
COMISA - Evo Press, System, System gas
EFFEBI - Tof Multipinza
FAR - Rubinetterie Pressfar
FRABO - Frabopress
RBM - Titafix

The jaw for pressfitting tools profile TH. Compatible with the best pressing tools REMS, RIDGID, KLAUKE, UPONOR, NOVOPRESS, REHAU, GEBERIT, ROTHENBERGER, VIRAX, ...


Pressfitting jaws made with advanced technology, able to ensure the maximum precision, for pressing fittings without leaks and in accordance with the manufacturers' specifications.

Pressfitting jaws ensure: 
- safety, because working with our clamps should mean no risk of injury, it should be possible to press without mistakes about profile or pressing task
- the value of your investment, because any work tool has to remain for many years in the plumber tools box, resisting the building site troubles
- .... and cost little. MGF pressfitting jaws offer the best quality/price ratio.

What we love about this type TH pressfitting jaw:
- Quality product, compatible with most used pressing tools: REMS, RIDGID, KLAUKE, UPONOR, NOVOPRESS, REHAU, GEBERIT, ROTHENBERGER, VIRAX, ...
- Made with advanced technologies (CNC, 3D measuring..)
- Maximum precision in pressing, to ensure fittings and joints without leaks and pressing in compliance with the manufacturers' specifications
- Safety, to work without any risk of injury, and without any mistake
- Value of your investment because every business tool must remain for many years in your toolbox, withstand the rigours of the construction site and time
- Long life is guaranteed by the ruggedness of the design, materials and workmanship
- Synchronization mechanism in the clamps, for highest precision coupling and perfect pressing
- 3D quality check, to ensure the maximum precision
- All parts are made of forged steel and made stronger by double induction hardening
- All the components are galvanized to resist corrosion over time, much better than black jaws, subject to oxidation
- Pin with constant section: no weak points
- Profile TH: Ideal for COMAP - SKINPress Visu-Control, DALPEX - Laser Multi Dalpex, GIACOMINI - Giacoflex, Goacoterm, TIEMME - Cobrapress, APR - Raccordi a pressare, BAMPI - Balpex (MP), BRASSTECH - Aluplast, Brasspress, BUCCHI - tech (MP), COMISA - Evo Press, System, System gas, EFFEBI - Tof Multipinza, FAR - Rubinetterie Pressfar, FRABO - Frabopress, RBM - Titafix, RUBINETTERIE BRESCIANE

Data sheet
Made of
Special steel forged and tempered
Transparent envelope
Standard equipment
Tool in envelope
Double induction hardening
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