MINI40 universal jaws for dies

Mini universal jaws for dies
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Universal MINI40 Jaws are compatible with all the pressfitting tools, excluding REMS, Klauke and CBC. All parts are galvanized for long lasting against corrosion.

  • MGFTools Universal MINI40 Jaws are manufactured with advanced technologies, long life is guaranteed by the ruggedness of the design, materials and workmanship.

What we like about this MINI40 interchangeable pressfitting jaw:

  • Each jaw is also equipped with clear and indelible mark to identify the profile without possibility of error
  • Thanks to the jaw syncronization system, the perfect coupling of the jaws ensured the best dimensional quality in the pressing process
  • The MGF Tools Universal MINI Jaws are compatible with all the pressfitting tools, excluding REMS, Klauke and CBC
  • Pressing profiles are machines with high precision CNC machines, and they are tested by 3D coordinate measuring machines, to ensure the compliance to the stricter specifications by the best system manufacturers in the world
  • Each profile is double induction hardened, to ensure the best wear resistance and, most important, to keep the profile dimensions over the time
  • All components are first made with special forged steels, unlike the competition that sometimes uses molded parts, or more cheap and weak machined components
  • The jaws then face a double induction hardening process only in the points subject to wear, which ensures an optimum distribution of stresses within the jaw, avoiding breaking risks and ensuring more compact and light parts, to work easier in narrow spaces
  • Professional product of high quality
  • Each jaw is protected with a silver gray galvanizing against the corrosion in the construction site, to make it more resistant and long lasting
  • The jaw pivot does not have weak points, being of constant section and therefore will last longer
  • The synchronization mechanism and the double induction hardening ensures an incredibly long pressing profile duration.
Data sheet
Made of
Special steel forged and tempered
Transparent envelope
Standard equipment
Jaw in transparent bag
Tool size
130 x 90 x 40 mm
Weight (tool)
1,25 kg
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