Tube bender for insulated copper

Pipe bender for HVAC insulated pipes
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Bender for pipes in millimeters and inches, in annealed copper and for insulated copper, like air conditioner copper. Professional plumbing tools made in Italy.


Professional ratchet pipe bender made in Italy. Since 40 years sets the standard for professional quality bending tools.

What we like about this pipe bending tool made by MGF Tools:

  • Special design former for insulated pipes, like copper air conditioner pipes. Allows to bend a copper pipe with insulation in few seconds without cutting the insulation
  • Reduces the cost of installation and storage of fittings: no need to buy a fitting when you bend the pipe.
  • A pipeline without fittings is safer, presents a lower pressure drop and has no break points.
  • Fast and professional pipe bendings thanks to the automatic calculation of geometry.
  • Wide range of formers compatible with the full range of MGF bending tools.
  • Made in Italy: from manufacturer to the consumer at a very competitive price and with superior quality if compared with bending tools imported from China by German brands.
  • Robust and reliable briefcase with formers assortment.
  • Patented adjustment of the diameter of the pipe before bending, practical to use and you won't lose the back formers.
  • Rubber grip for comfort for long bending jobs without stress
  • Automatic spring return after bending, for quick installation of the pipeline.
  • Bending tool made in lightweight metal alloys: robust and reliable. Even formers are in aluminum.
  • Teeth dense rack to get a gradual forward movement for precise and effortless bending.
  • Force multiplication with gear, powerful and robust, no maintenance needed or oil leaks.

Why buy the pipe bender CM:

  • Product 100% made in Italy
  • Very good Quality/Price, best buy for a professional plumbing tool
  • The manufacturer MGF Tools is a leading company in bending tools from 40 years
  • Excellent service before and after sale
Data sheet
Coated copper range
Ø 10-22 mm (s ≤ 1) / Ø 3/8''-7/8''
Metel - Copper range
Ø 10-22 mm (s ≤ 1) / Ø 3/8''-7/8''
Max diameter (mm)
Min diameter (mm)
Multilayer range
Ø 14-26 mm
Valigetta termoformata PVC
Standard equipment
Curvatubi e matrici assortite
Metal - Steel range
Ø 10-18 mm (s ≤ 1)
Tool size
390 x 318 x 1114 mm
Weight (tool)
221.83 € -34.87%   144.48 € (tax incl.) 144.48 € (No Tax Included)
(No Tax Included)