Internal bending springs to bend tubes multilayer

Internal bending springs to bend tubes multilayer
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A bending spring is to be inserted inside the tube, with a drive ring and flaring to facilitate the bending operation. Ideal for multilayer and PER.

  • Ideal for bending multilayer pipes: prevents the tube being pressed during the curve and the layers of the tube to peel off
  • Equipped with a drive ring to bend away from the entrance
  • Wide range of sizes available in millimeters
  • Spring length 500 mm
  • Made of special steel for springs, galvanized for extra corrosion resistance

How to use:

  1. insert the spring inside the tube
  2. place the spring bending near the area to be bent
  3. possibly connect a wire ring drag if the curve is far from the entrance
  4. bend the pipe by hand
  5. pull the spring

What we like:

  1. Extremely affordable price
  2. Wide availability in stock in all sizes of pipe bending springs
  3. Ease of use
  4. Also ideal for hobby

"Range" corresponds to the diameter of the internal tube.

Data sheet
Max diameter (mm)
Min diameter (mm)
Tool size
length 500 mm
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