Tube bender for copper up to 22mm - MGF MASTER

Pipe bender Master - Instality Plumbing Tools
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Ratchet pipe bender for mm and inch sized pipes, soft copper, multilayer, mild steel and aluminum. This bending tool is made in Italy, robust and reliable


Robust ratchet bender, allows you to perform twists and bends in a vice. Professional plumbing tool made in Italy.

What we like the pipe bending tool MASTER by MGFTools:

  • For pipes in millimeter and inches, annealed copper, insulated annealed copper, multilayer, mild steel and aluminum
  • It reduces the cost of installation and storage of fittings
  • Attention, a pipe without fittings and bent is more safe, presents a lower pressure drop and break points and costs less
  • Rapid and professional execution thanks to the calculation of the geometry of the curve
  • Wide range of matrices compatible with the entire range of the manufacturer MGFTools
  • Patented former for the bending pipes with soft coating, also for the conditioning, on request
  • Professional tool for plumbers MADE IN ITALY by MGFTools
  • Simple construction with gear rack, much more robust than a hydraulic bender (there are no seals to break)
  • Bending and metal, rugged and reliable, even curving copper pipes just annealed
  • Possibility of using it in the grip, more power with less effort
  • The possibility of bending in traction as well as in thrust allows you to make curves in difficult positions
Data sheet
Coated copper range
Ø 8-22 mm (s ≤ 1) / Ø 3/8''-7/8''
Metel - Copper range
Ø 8-22 mm (s ≤ 1) / Ø 3/8''-7/8''
Max diameter (mm)
Min diameter (mm)
Multilayer range
Ø 14-22 mm
Standard equipment
Bender, case and assorted matrixes
Metal - Steel range
Ø 8-18 mm (s ≤ 1)
Tool size
390 x 300 x 100 mm
Weight (tool)
2,20 kg
255.84 € -14.8%   217.98 € (tax incl.) 217.98 € (No Tax Included)


(No Tax Included)