MINI 22 Pipe cutter 3 - 22 mm copper and steel pipes

Pipe Cutter MINI 22, for copper and steel pipes
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Pipe cutter for copper and steel from 3 to 22mm and 1/8'' to 7/8''. With rollers adjusted and groove to save tube. From MGF plumbing tools.


The pipe cutter MINI 22 is a professional plumbing tool for cutting copper pipes and thin steel.

What we like about this cutting tool:

  • Rollers adjusted, not threads while cutting the tube
  • Needle roller bearings with groove, making it great for cutting pipes with collars or not deburred
  • maximum overall dimensions of 42 mm, good for working narrow space, such as during the installation of an air conditioner
  • For both measurements in millimeters (mm) and inch ('')
  • For copper and thin steel, depending on the model chosen, or replacing the wheel
  • Roll easily replaceable

How to cut a copper pipe using this plumbing tool:

  1. Open the sliding of the cutter to enter the pipe
  2. Place the tube on the rollers of the pipe cutter
  3. Tighten softly up to point the cutting wheel on the tube
  4. Rotate the cutter and simultaneously tighten the feed carriage screw without forcing too much to keep the pipe perfectly round
  5. At the end, deburr the pipe
Data sheet
Max diameter (inches)
Max diameter (mm)
22 mm
Min Diameter (inches)
Min diameter (mm)
Standard equipment
Tool in blister
Tool size
Ingombro massimo 38 mm
Weight (tool)
0,12 kg
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