Drain cleaning pump, push-pull system, PUSH-UP

Drain clearing pump PUSH-UP. With push-pull system. Instality plumbing tools
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Drain cleaning pump, strong and cheap. Professional plumbing tools, is suitable for all the drains, thanks to the 3 adapters supplied with the pump.


The drain clearing pump PUSH-UP is the ideal solution to clean sinks, showers, taps drains etc ... This tools for plumbers is:

  • economic: the drain clearing pump with the lowest price on the market (and 3 adapters included)
  • ecological: it does not require electricity or chemicals
  • fast: the combined action of pressure (push) and lifting (up) on the clogging, allowing effective drain clearing

Professional unclogging tool with widest standard equipment and a particularly attractive price.

What we like about this tool for drains unclogging/cleaning:

  • It equipped with special piston which allows push and suck. In this way it exercises a double action unclogging the drain: pressure "PUSH" pushes the dirt into the sewer, the aspiration "UP" it disintegrates. The combination allows you to unclog faster
  • Made of impact resistant plastic resistant to loads. The pump is therefore particularly lightweight and easy to carry
  • Swiveling handle with locking screw, it allows you to unclog easily drains difficult to reach
  • Single allocation in the category of 3 adapters supplied as standard to fit all needs work (as images on the left)
Data sheet
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Made of
shockproof plastic resistant to loads
Max diameter (mm)
65 mm
Min diameter (mm)
Standard equipment
Unclogging pump, 1 long buffer, 1 short buffer and 1 suction cup buffer
special valve that allows you to push and suck
Tool size
570 x 185 x 120 cm
Weight (tool)
1,70 kg
141.90 € -31.29%   97.50 € (tax incl.) 97.50 € (No Tax Included)
(No Tax Included)