Chemical to remove sludge and mud inside heating systems

Liquid remove SLUDGE and MUD for heating systems
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Chemical scale remover, detergent for oxides, sludge and mud. It is also anticorrosive, protecting the installations and reducing of encrustations.


Liquid scale remover, detergent for oxides, sludge and mud. Professional chemical product,  anticorrosive suitable for all kinds of plant is that of multi-metallic plastic material. Made in Italy by Facot.

What we like about this product for dissolve sludge, mud, oxides and maintain suspension of the limestone in heating systems:

  • Technical support on using the product for optimum treatment
  •  It exerts an anticorrosive action protecting the installations and reducing the excessive formation of encrustations
  • It keeps lime scales and deposits in suspension in the plant
  • It is chromate free according to the regulations in force (Law no. 319/76)
  • Available in 5L tank
  • Technical data sheet available for download here on this page
  • Quick delivery and very good prices
Data sheet
In container with threaded plug plastic
10,5 ± 0,5
Recommended dilution
From 2% to 3%
Time of circulation
1 - 2 weeks
Tool size
195 x 140 x 320 mm
Weight (tool)
5,57 kg (5 L)
15.42 € -4.67%   14.70 € (tax incl.) 14.70 € (No Tax Included)
(No Tax Included)