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Pump for filling, purging, flushing closed heating pipings
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Pump for filling, flushing and purging closed plumbing systems. Suitable for solar, geothermal and underfloor heating systems. Plumbing tool made in Italy.


Pump for filling, flushing and purging closed plumbing systems. Ideal for solar, geothermal and underfloor heating systems.
Professional plumbing tool made in Italy. Thanks to the pump flow rate 50 L/min and the maximum pressure of 5.2 bar, it is a professional tool for filling and purging quickly and effectively any plumbing system. By MGFtools.

What we like about this pump for filling, flushing and purging closed systems:

  • Wide tank input area for filling the antifreeze liquid or washing fluid (210 mm), easier to fill and clean
  • Hooks for fastening the trolley to the van, pump safe to transport even with a full tank.
  • All components of the pump, pipes, tank ... etc ... are resistant up to 80 °C, also ideal for circulating the water in the summer, when the solar panel carries the heat transfer fluid at elevated temperatures in a few minutes. The circular tank does not warp if overheated.
  • It weighs only 23 kg, with large pneumatic wheels: easy to transport in the building site.
  • 50 liter tank, unlike other products will be easier to transport liquids, contain foams during washing ... etc ...
  • Quick couplers and fittings on system side, for easy connection of the circuit. You can configure the pump in different ways (see manual)
  • Non-return valve, at the end of washing the system remains under pressure and the tank is not emptied if a tube is left disconnected
  • High efficiency filter resistant to high temperatures (unlike the cheapest transparent polycarbonate filters from German "manufacturers")

Why buy pump for filling, flushing and purging closed plumbing systems:

  1. Best quality / price ratio on the market for a professional plumbing tool
  2. 100% made in Italy: high quality and reliability
  3. The producer MGFtools is a leading manufacturer of pumps, with customers around the world for 40 years
  4. Excellent service before and after sale, fast delivery and good price
Data sheet
Connection pipe
3/4" - 3m - 10 bar - 80 °C rubber hose
Flow rate
50 L/min
Max input temperature
80 °C
0,50 KW
Pressure (max)
5,2 bar
Service class
Standard equipment
Pump + 2 connecting pipes from 3 m
Tool size
1000 x 450 x 500 mm
230 VAC - 50 Hz
Weight (tool)
23,00 kg
1,096.81 € -31.62%   750.00 € (tax incl.) 750.00 € (No Tax Included)
(No Tax Included)