Drain cleaning pump - Unclogging professional plumbing tool

Drain Clearing Pump - Plumbing Tools
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Drain cleaning pump: a multi-purpose and ecological plumbing tool unclogging, inflating and testing systems. Plumbing tools made in Italy.


Drain cleaning pump is a professional plumbing tool manufactured and sold for decades, ensuring reliability and quality.

Advantages for pumbers that buy this drain cleaning pump:

  • Unclog drains from Ø 21 to Ø 170 mm
  • It can test systems with compressed air until 8 bar
  • Suitable for testing of gas systems
  • Inflates tyres and expansion tanks
  • Supplied complete with compressed air hose and adapters
  • Performs various operations, a single instrument, many functions
  • Can be used to test up to 8 bar (as for gas systems)
  • Professional tool without power supply, manual operation
  • Gauge manometer built in compliance with Standard EN 837
  • Equipped with handle, this pump is easily transportable and pressure gauge protected
  • Sturdy, powder-coated steel tank
  • Unclog ecologically from Ø 21 to Ø 170 mm drains thanks to the adapters included
Data sheet
Flow rate
125 cc / cycle
Input connection
Pressure (max)
8 bar
Standard equipment
Manual drain cleaning pump, one buffer Ø 65, one buffer Ø 100, one buffer Ø 170 and one spiral hose
Powder coated steel / 3,1 L
Tool size
260 x 120 x 570 mm
Weight (tool)
8,00 kg
219.99 € -30.91%   151.99 € (tax incl.) 151.99 € (No Tax Included)
(No Tax Included)