Descaling acid not fumigant 30% - Chemical to dissolve limestone 10 L

Descaler acid not fumigant
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Professional chemical product to dissolve the limestone and oxides in the pipes, coils of boilers and coils of pressure washers. Made in Italy.


Dissolves limestone, oxides and does not touch the metal pipe. Inhibited against corrosion, with color toning. Made in Italy.

It is recommended to use a neutralizer 791027 after using the acid.

What we like about this product descaler acid not fumigant:

  • Technical support on using the product for optimum treatment
  • Formulated specifically to eliminate fouling and sediment mixed composition (carbonates, sulfates, oxides).His divisive force acts in depth by eliminating compounds that block the pipes or affect the metal surfaces of boilers, heat exchangers, surge tanks, refrigeration equipment, pumps and hydraulic equipment.
  • Does not develop dangerous gases or vapors, it is therefore safe and easy to handle
  • Available in 10 L tank
  • Recommended dilution from 15% to 30% based on the dirt.
  • The presence of suitable inhibitors of corrosion and buffer substances makes it suitable for its use on chrome, on light metals and their alloys
  • Also suitable to remove rust from iron materials
  • Technical data sheet available for download here on this page
  • Quick delivery and very good prices
Data sheet
Red (orange when it loses effectiveness)
In container with threaded plug plastic
to 1% : 1,6 / 1,9
Recommended dilution
From 15% to 30%
Tool size
220 x 320 x 190
Weight (tool)
10,00 kg
36.97 € -23.32%   28.35 € (tax incl.) 28.35 € (No Tax Included)
(No Tax Included)