JET high pressure washer for drain cleaning, deblocking, testing

JET high pressure washer for drain cleaning, deblocking, testing
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Electric high-pressure cleaner, ideal for pipe work: for cleaning, for pressure tests and for removing blockages and deposits in pipes. Equipped with 2 nozzles.


- Professional high pressure washing gun: standard only at MGF
- High flow rate and pressure: great washing and unblocking efficiency
- Sturdy axial pump with ceramic pistons and brass head: reduced maintenance and great reliability
- High pressure hose for plant testing: exclusive equipment, by testing and maintenance specialists
- 2 standard unblocking nozzles: full range from 25 to 200 mm
- 40 m flexible deblocking hose: effective treatment on long lengths of pipes
- Washing unit, pressure washer with petrol engine, excellent for working on pipes from testing to washing to unblocking
- Compact structure and pneumatic wheels: easy to transport even on stairs and through doors

Versatile and compact washing unit. Ideal for working on pipes from testing to washing and deblocking.

Ideal for unblocking pipes, drains and downspouts from: sewage, leaves, soap, hair, grease and other encrustations with a medium and soft consistency. It does not remove limescale deposits.

Special interchangeable nozzles with rear and front high pressure jets: the unblocking tube automatically advances along
the pipe while unblocking it.

Delicate washing: jet intensity adjustment from 0 to 100/160 bar thanks to the pressure regulator.

It can pump hot water up to 60 ° C.

Allows you to use even large implants quickly and effortlessly.

Versatile: the Jet range is the only 3-in-1 all-rounder that allows you to test, wash and unblock pipes.

Complete range: Jet is available in two versions, ideal for every need:
- Water Jet, easier to handle, equipped with a 230 V single-phase electric motor.
- Motor Jet, more powerful, equipped with a 7 Hp Honda internal combustion engine.

Delicate and powerful: the integrated pressure regulator allows you to select the force of the jet based on the type and condition of the pipe, avoiding damaging old or shabby pipes.

Independent test valve: allows you to test and depressurize the system without disconnecting the line, to work comfortably and safely.

Equipped with sturdy hose reel: light, ergonomic, corrosion resistant and easy to wash.

The hose reel positioned in the upper part of the trolley makes the unblocking operation easy and ergonomic.

Two nozzles made of special steel, able to advance autonomously within 1 "pipes, up to 200 mm, allow to solve a large variety of pipe obstruction problems.

The side and rear jets on the unblocking nozzles guarantee the propulsive thrust in the pipeline and the efficient rinsing of all residues during the extraction phase.

It allows you to quickly and effortlessly deblock even large systems.

Data sheet
Electrically 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Unclogging Pipe Length
40 m
Flow rate
13 L/min
16 L/min
2,6 KW
5,1 KW – 6,8 Hp
Pressure (max)
100 bar
160 bar
Temperature (max)
60 °C
Tool size
650 x 750 x 870 mm
Weight (tool)
45 kg
65 kg
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