Heat transfer fluid antifreeze glycol monopropylene base

Heat transfer fluid, ANTIFREEZE for solar, cooling circuits, ...
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10 Kg Antifreeze fluid with high heat exchange, based on monopropylene glycol. Liquid ready to use, ideal for solar and heating systems.


Product liquid, heat transfer medium, antifreeze, high heat exchange, long lasting. Made in Italy by Facot (aligel).

What we like about this antifreeze liquid ready to use:

  • Technical support on using the product for optimum treatment
  • Ready to use product added with fluorescent liquid leak detector
  • Special for solar panels, tested according to thermal stress Rule GCF-CEG-FL-21-A-0
  • It is distinguished by the absence in his package inhibitor of amines, nitrites, phosphates, silicates and borates, readily biodegradable
  • Antifreeze organic inhibitors durable than conventional antifreeze and is provided with an alkaline reserve high (double)
  • It is suitable for food plants, solar panels, cooling circuits, etc ...
  • Thanks to the base of Propylene Glycols of the first distillation and the choice of the additives of the inhibitor package is a highly reliable product in respect of non-metallic materials that make up the circuits of the heat exchange
  • Ideal for professional use:
    • Freezing point -32°C
    • Operating temperature max 180 °C / 10 bar
  • Available in tank 10 L (10,05 kg)
  • Technical data sheet available for download here on this page
Data sheet
In container with threaded plug plastic
7,5 ÷ 8,5
Recommended dilution
Do not dilute
Standard equipment
Liquid in bottle
Time of circulation
See data sheet for the product in the "DOWNLOAD"
Tool size
220 x 190 x 340 mm
Weight (tool)
10,05 kg (10 L)
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