Vacuum Pump double stage for air conditioning with vacuum gauge and solenoid valve

Vacuum Pump two stages for air conditioning with vacuum gauge and solenoid valve
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Double stage vacuum pump for air conditioning, Eastern Cool: economic, imported. The pump is tested accurately in Italy before shipping.


This double stage vacuum pump for air conditioning installations, equipped with pressure gauge and with solenoid valve, is ideal for installers who want to have a cheap product, with a guarantee on the quality of the vacuum that will be reached.

What we like the double-stage vacuum air pump Eastern Cool:

  • Quick and effective: is equipped with vacuum gauge for the detection of losses
  • Maintains the vacuum in case of motor shutdown, thanks to the solenoid valve integrated
  • Quality assurance: degree of vacuum controlled electronically
  • Thermal switch to avoid pump overheating
  • Filter air/oil separator which reduces the oil consumption!
  • Economic but with a guarantee of the quality of the vacuum that you will get
  • Specific project for refrigeration: compact design and no bulky parts
  • Oil included in the box
  • Anti vibrations rubber feet
  • Before shipping, the italian importer makes the following specific controls:
    • Electric tests (CE certification mandatory)
    • Proof of the vacuum gauge with digital precision
    • Simulation of a vacuum cycle

In the data sheet you can find the oil capacity and maximum power of the model with more air flow (Art. 930487).

In the table below is specified for each model pressure and flow rate.

Technical Feat. Double-stage Vacuum Pump
Art. w/EV and w/VAC 930456 930457 930488 930487
Pumping stages 2 2 2 2
Final vacuum 0,03 mbar 0,03 mbar 0,03 mbar 0,03 mbar
Voltage 230V~50/60Hz 230V~50/60Hz 230V~50/60Hz 230V~50/60Hz
Power 190W 250W 375W 750W
Connections 1/4''SAE 1/4''SAE 1/4''SAE 1/4''SAE
Oil capacity 250 mL 330mL 330mL 600mL
Gauge 50mm 50mm 50mm 50mm

The "Flow" is the Air capacity of the pump.

Data sheet
Final vacuum
0,03 mbar
Flow rate
oil 600 mL
Input connection
1/4'' SAE
750 W
Pressure gauge
50 mm
Pumping stages
Standard equipment
Two stage Vacuum Air Pump with pressure gauge and with solenoid valve
Tool size
560 x 300 x 210 mm
230V ~ 50/60Hz
Weight (tool)
From 6,20 kg to 19,00 kg depending on model
210.00 € -33.33%   140.01 € (tax incl.) 140.01 € (No Tax Included)


(No Tax Included)