Nitrogen kit for testing, flushing and brazing by MGF Tools

Kit per collaudi con azoto by MGF Tools
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Complete Kit by MGF Tools, for HVAC testing with nitrogen, in air conditioning and thermohydraulic. Ideal tool for professionals. 


Nitrogen Test Kit, the only test for air conditioning systems and can also be used on thermohydraulic installations, thanks to the attack from 1/8 '' Gas supplied.

What we like about this kit to test with nitrogen:

  • Easy to use, indicating the optimum pressure of work
  • Sure, gas regulator approved for up to 300 bar
  • Fixing the starting pressure and facilitates the reading of the variations with the lancet for testing
  • Instrument protection with robust thermoformed case
  • Ideal for the professional plumbing and heating because it can also be used on installations termoidraulici thanks attack by 1 / 8''Gas supplied
  • Nitrogen cartridge 1L, small and lightweight for the testing of air conditioning
Data sheet
Plastic case
Pressure (max)
53 bar
Pressure (max) controller
300 bar
Pressure gauge
Ø 80 mm, class 1.0
Standard equipment
Regulator, pre-assembled pipe with pressure gauge and 1 nitrogen cartridge 1L, adapters 1/4'' SAE, 5/16'' SAE and 1/2'' Gas, in case
Tool size
530 x 440 x 160 mm
Weight (tool)
5,00 kg
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