MDM 75 Electric pipe and drain cleaning machine

MDM 75 Electric pipe and drain cleaning machine
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Pipe cleaning machine: Ideal for heavy cleaning of pipes and drains from ø32 to ø100 mm. Changing the cable feed / return direction.


The MDM 75 is equipped with an internal core spring designed for better torque transfer and excellent resistance to twisting. Thanks to the powerful motor, the machine provides spring advance/return up to 5 meters per minute.

The 8” solid rubber wheels allow easy transportation and increase durability.

The machine has a pneumatic foot switch and GFCI protection device against electrical leakage, making it easier and safer.

MGFTools enriches the standard equipment with a wide range of drills, trying to meet the demands of professionals.

What we like about this MDM 75 drain unclogging machine:
- Perfectly suited for pipes ranging from O32 to O100 mm (1 1/4”-4”).
- Features a 12.7 mm diameter, 23 m long spring with a plastic core, enhancing transmission efficiency.
- The drum design facilitates easy cleaning.
- Includes 4 standard terminal connections, a detachable handle, and 8” solid rubber wheels for effortless mobility.
- Equipped with GFCI protection and a pedal control for safe and easy motor operation.
- Achieves a drum rotation speed of 300 rpm.
- Offers an automatic spring feed and retraction function, extending up to 5 m/min.
- Powered by an asynchronous motor rated at 230VAC / 50Hz / 390W.

Data sheet
Maximum length
27 m
Rotation (rpm)
red, black details
Max diameter (mm)
100 mm
Min diameter (mm)
MGF cardboard box
390 W
230 VAC - 50 Hz
Weight (tool)
16 kg
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