MDM 25, Drain cleaner for manual operation, where the handle is easily removed and the drill is installed

MDM 25, Drain cleaner for manual operation
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Manual uncloccing spring MDM25 by MGFTools, the performance top to allow the most demanding professional to have the best for flow drains clogged. 


Drain cleaner MDM 26, with spring 8 mm, 10,7 meters long the highest category, for unblocking easily.

All the characteristics of this plunger are superior to the reference standard market.

What we like about this drain cleaner for manual operation MDM25:

  • Ability to use either manually through the handle with bayonet, or via the hexagonal axis of rotation activating the spring with an electric drill or battery drill
  • Automatic Drive System of the spring, normally not present on the uncloccing springs the same market segment
  • Spring length 10,7m: the top of the category, in order to reach the dirt away with a spring unclogging Portable
  • Equipped with spring 8mm with plastic core for better transmission, you can develop a good twisting force and clean clogged drains more
  • Ideal for pipe Ø20 to Ø65mm, a wide range of work to meet the needs of demanding maintainers of hotels
  • Drum plastic lightweight and hygienic, easy to clean and comfortable to handle. Less rotational inertia means less effort to perform the same job
  • It can be connected to electric drills / battery through the transmission hexagon on the drum

Diameter pipe recommended Ø 20-65 mm.

Data sheet
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Input connection
Hexagonal for drilling machine
Made of
Plastic spring collect and aluminum mandrel
Max diameter (mm)
65 mm
Min diameter (mm)
Standard equipment
Drain cleaner spring
Manually or with a drill actuation / Locking screw spring
Tool size
230 x 230 x 330 mm
Weight (tool)
4,20 kg
271.13 € -34.16%   178.51 € (tax incl.) 178.51 € (No Tax Included)
(No Tax Included)