FOGGY 6000 portable misting system for sanitation and humidification, 6L/h

FOGGY 6000 portable misting system for sanitation and humidification, 6L/h
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Professional, small-sized ultrasonic mist-effect humidifier nebulizer, controlled by a microprocessor that effectively contributes to environmental sanitation according to Decree 274 which "regulates the cleaning, disinfection, disinfestation, rodent control, and sanitization activities".


Why do we recommend this nebulizer for sanitization and humidification?
FOGGY 6000 nebulizer ultrasonic humidifier with fog effect is a modern tool for sanitizing environments and to control relative humidity.

In particular, it performs:

Disinfection cycles
Control of the microclimate by humidification

Foggy 6000 Sanitizing nebulizer. Advantages.
- Nebulizer for sanitization with no mechanical drive. No noise. Ease of maintenance. - The diameter of the fog output only 1-10 μm (microns).
- Quiet and safe cold mist system.
- Easy to install and move, it weighs 30 kg and is equipped with braked wheels.
- Ideal for centralized humidification systems thanks to the hose that can be extended up to 8m.
- High atomization capacity (almost 100%), the sanitizing nebulizer produces a very fine and uniform mist for rapid achievement of the required conditions, with water savings.
- The design of the separate and ventilated electrical panel makes the Foggy 6000 sanitizing nebulizer ideal for heavy-duty 24 hours.
- Fittings for water inlet, tank drainage, overflow: ultrasonic mist effect humidifier nebulizer ideal for automation.
- The Foggy 6000 sanitization and humidification nebulizer uses the best technology in terms of ultrasonic nebulization, all dissolved liquids are removed from the water with ultrasonic oscillations.
- Chassis in corrosion-resistant stainless steel, powder-coated, water filling spout, operating switch, and hydraulic connections.
- Control by a microprocessor and with an integrated humidity sensor: automatic process.
- Simple maintenance and low costs for operation and maintenance. Since the water is purified before entering the ultrasonic humidifier, less maintenance is required in an ultrasonic system than in a steam one.
- Relative Humidity Accuracy: Ultrasonic humidifiers allow for automatic switching on/off of the fog. As soon as the air moves away from the relative humidity setpoint, the machine turns on automatically.
- Foggy 6000 is a professional mist effect ultrasonic humidifier that is controlled by a microprocessor and also effectively contributes to environmental sanitation according to Decree 274. In particular, it carries out disinfection cycles and microclimate control through humidification.

Fields of application Foggy 6000 sanitizing nebulizer
Printers; Tobacco Industry; Timber industry; Data processing centers; Paper industry;
Art and Antiques; Automotive Industry; Cold rooms; Textile industry; Offices;
Pharmaceutical Industry ;
Te manufacturing industry; Explosives Industry; Food industry; Industry Medical devices; Electronics Industry; hatcheries; HVAC systems; Concert halls/organs; Etc.

Standard equipment nebulizer for sanitization and humidification
The foggy 6000 sanitizing nebulizer is supplied in a wooden case with:
- Foggy 6000 unit
- Nebulizer tube 25cm
- Elbow 45 °
- Installation, use, and maintenance manual.

How the ultrasonic technology of the sanitizing nebulizer works.
Ultrasonic nebulizers use a piezoelectric translator to create a high-frequency mechanical oscillation in the water. Water tries to follow the high-frequency oscillation but cannot do so due to its comparative weight and mass inertia. This creates a momentary vacuum on the negative oscillation, causing the water to cavitate into vapor. The transducer follows this with a positive oscillation that creates high-pressure compression waves at the surface of the water, releasing tiny molecules of water vapor into the air.
It is an extremely fine mist of about 1 μm in diameter which is rapidly absorbed into the air stream. Since the mist is created by the oscillation and not by the heat, there is no need to raise the water temperature.
Ultrasonic humidifiers for this are able to create instant humidity and there is no need to wait for a heating element to boil the water. This precise on / off humidity control is the special feature of ultrasonic humidifiers. Furthermore, compared to other humidifiers, the ultrasonic humidifiers can be smaller in size but at the same time capable of producing considerable quantities of steam. When the measured humidity is lower than a set value, the ultrasonic humidifier starts operating. When this value exceeds the set threshold, the humidifier switches off. In this way, it is very easy to maintain a high level of humidity inside a room, as the ultrasonic humidifier works automatically.

Data sheet
360 m3/h
Average drop diameter
5 μm
Water treatment required
filtering, softening, or using distilled water
Outlet pipe diameter
110 mm
Maximal outlet pipe length
8 m
Flow rate
6 L/h
600 W
Tool size
600 x 330 x 500 mm
220-240 VAC 50 Hz
Weight (tool)
30 kg
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