Core driling

Core drilling

Find a wide range of high-quality core drilling machines. Here we offer you the option between wet or dry core drilling machines and corresponding core drill bits. Find out all the products on the subject of core drilling.

Diamond 1800 W dry core drilling machine
Dry core drilling machine for dry drilling in sand-lime brick, masonry, clinker, bricks, and other materials. 2-speed gearbox. 1800 W motor with soft start.
845.00 €
1,300.00 €
Bracket for Diamomd drills
Diamond drill bits for core drills cover all drilling requirements up to 202 mm in diameter. We have a wide range of accessories available for almost every use. Due to their low weight, they are easy to transport and use, ideal for installers, plumbers, electricians and all construction professionals.Made of aluminum, with steel inserts for maximum rigidity and low weight.
1,485.00 €
1,650.00 €
Diamond laser core bit for dry drilling M16
Diamond laser core drill for dry drilling M16. For use in dry drilling machines. For cutting holes from mixed bricks, perforated, brick, concrete, ...
61.43 €
94.50 €