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HVAC Tools

In the shop of you will find all the tools you need for your work in the air conditioning industry and beyond. Professional tools for conditioning, refrigerators professionals, air conditioner installers.

Single stage tube expander and calibration tool
Expankit single stage tube expander and calibration tool with excellent results in copper, aluminium and steel pipes. Heads provided with step for calibration.
280.93 €
431.33 €
Complete digital SET for HVAC
Kit supplied in case for maintenance and installation of climate systems. Version with digital manifold suitable for 89 types of gas.
840.01 €
1,231.14 €
Digital gauge manifold SET
This electronic gauge manifold is an device for the installation, testing and maintenance of refrigeration equipment such as air conditioners and cold storage.
395.02 €
597.70 €
Gas leak detector
Gas leak detector that adopts to detects gas leakage with high sensitivity and strong adaptive ability. For: Methane, natural gas, coal gas, ethane, etc
178.00 €
258.80 €
Refrigerants Scale MINI 11 lbs. (5kg)
MINI Electronic digital battery scale for refrigerants, with a maximum, weighed of 5 Kg and with a subdivision of 1 gram. Comfortable to always carry in the toolbox. 
42.00 €
49.30 €
Charging Hose KIT 5/16''-5/16'' 45° 1500
Complete set with 3 Charging hoses for R410, R32 1500mm, equipped with core depressor and knurled nut, connections 5/16''
57.75 €
85.03 €
TELESCOPIC 32 Telescopic pipe cutter 3 - 32 mm
Telescopic thumbwheel pipe cutter for copper and thin steel pipes, for diameters from 3 to 32 mm (1/8'' - 1 1/4''). Telescopic 32 MGF Tools with a deburring tool
33.68 €
44.02 €
Deburrer Internal / external 40 mm
Deburrer for copper, aluminium, plastic and multilayer pipes. The body is painted aluminium which makes it resistant to corrosion. The blades are in hardened steel.
13.16 €
20.20 €
Internal and External Pipe deburring tool
MGF Tools universal pipe deburrer for Stainless steel pipes, steel, copper, aluminium, plastic and multilayer. It can be used for burrs of internal and external.
36.12 €
55.46 €