Pipe fitters tripod stand for block and bend of large diameters pipes

Pipe stands

MGFTools.eu offers a wide range of products dedicated to the professional, such as FGM Tools stands with clamps pipe bending and stable supports. The information on clear and precise products are tested at the source. Accessories and professional instruments for thermohydraulic.

Pipe fitters tripod stand with chain vice - 6''
TRIS MGF Tools tri-pod pipe workbench with integrated chain vice, suitable for the fast curve of pipes 3/8''- 1/2''- 3/4''. Compact, foldable and stable.
308.01 €
490.00 €
NEW YORK Hinged vice with folding tripod
Tripod Stand and Vice for plumber! Hinged vice 1/4-3inch with fold tripod stand with quick release hinged vice. Mod. NEW YORK by MGFTools.
195.55 €
300.99 €
Hinged vice with fast release 3 inch
COBRA hinged vice with quick release system for pipes up to 3 inches by MGFTools. The vice is equipped with holes for convenient assembling on any workbench top
107.61 €
166.19 €