MGF pumps, Tools and Drain cleaner for unclogging ecologically tubes

Drain Cleaning Pumps offers a complete range of products dedicated to unblocking for professionals. In addition to pumps for unblocking you can find the most important spare parts required. Keep your tools at their best! Only on you can find the original MGF spare parts, request to us information or contact us if you don't find the spare part you are interested, we will give you all the necessary information. Discover products dedicated to the world of unblocking drains.

Professional multifunction high-pressure cleaner
Multifunction Pressure washer unclogging for Plumbers, CLEANMATIC by MGF Tools. Convenient to carry anywhere, it is a professional tools, product in Italy. 
379.02 €
600.00 €
Drain cleaning pump, push-pull system, PUSH-UP
Drain cleaning pump, strong and cheap. Professional plumbing tools, is suitable for all the drains, thanks to the 3 adapters supplied with the pump.
78.75 €
125.00 €
MDM 20, Drain cleaner for manual operation
Manual unclogging spring MDM20, ideal for those looking for an economical and at the same time professional for the unblocking of drains.
65.00 €
99.00 €