Testing pumps manual or electric up to 1300 bars

testing pumps

Mgf tools offers a wide range of testing pumps for hydraulic and plumbing systems to meet the most demanding plumbers needs. Manual or powered to 1300 bar, every pump is proudly made in Italy.

Manual pressure testing pump MGF
Manual pressure pump with vertical tank. It is ideal for pressure testing and leak testing. Made in Italy.
141.00 €
228.00 €
Pressure test pump "DUAL" by MGF
Pump for testing and pressurization of hydraulic circuits DUAL by MGF. Equipped with double valve for testing and draining. Maximum pressure 60 bar
172.01 €
265.00 €
On sale!-33.95%
Testing pump up to 60 bar - VITON O-Ring
Pressure testing pump, up to 60 bar. With steel tank and VITON O-Ring, it's a professional device 100% made in Italy by MGF Tools. Avoid chinese rubbish tools!
142.01 €
215.00 €
On sale!-32.81%
Lockoff valve with gauge HELP 580 PSI Glycerine
Placed between the pump and the system that control-tool "HELP" MGFTools, up to 40 bar/580PSI allows you to make long tests without leaving the pump in the yard
43.00 €
64.00 €
High Pressure Electric Testing Pump
High-pressure electric testing pump MGF Tools, easy testing up to 250 bar, ideal for hydraulic systems, fire prevention and heating systems, for steam plants.
896.00 €
1,400.00 €
High Pressure Testing Pump
High-pressure testing pump, up to 1300 bar, manual. Excellent for pressure testing systems, piping, and vessels at very high pressure (i.e. shipyards, chemical..)
2,571.73 €
4,075.00 €
2 filters support
Support for 2 Filter housings.
6.88 €
7.73 €
Filter support
Support for single Filter housing.
3.63 €
4.08 €