Chemical products for the treatment of plumbing


Chemicals for the treatment of plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems. Professional flushing liquids for plumbing.

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Descaler acid not fumigant
Professional chemical product to dissolve the limestone and oxides in the pipes, coils of boilers and coils of pressure washers. Made in Italy.
27.72 €
31.50 €
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Chemical for conditioning new heating systems
Professional chemical for conditioning new heating systems. Pickling rust remover, remove lime deposits. Made in Italy by Facot, professional technical support
18.08 €
20.54 €
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Disinfecting chemical for heating systems
Chemical disinfectant for plumbing, heating and cooling. Effective to remove algae, mucilage, bacteria. Made in Italy
13.40 €
15.23 €
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Acid neutralizing liquid
It neutralizes the residual acidity present in the descaling processes of heating systems, exchangers, boilers, boilers, etc...
32.34 €
36.75 €
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Regenerating liquid for antifreeze
Regenerating liquid to be added after over-exploitation of the antifreeze, when there is inadequate passivation on the metal parts. Made in Italy by Facot. 
19.40 €
22.05 €
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Film-forming liquid against CORROSION and DEPOSITS
Protective film-forming product, prevents the deposit of material and corrosion, on the walls of the tubes. Form a protective film. Made in Italy by Facot.
16.63 €
18.90 €
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Descaling acid - Chemical to dissolve limestone
Descaling acid for descaling pump. Professional plumbing chemical to dissolve the limestone and oxides in the pipes, coils of boilers and heat exchangers.
28.64 €
32.55 €
HVAC/R Disinfectant - Sanitizer for use with misting systems, Alfaclean 0,5 L
Disinfectant with a broad spectrum of action: eliminates gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria, yeasts, molds, and various viruses. It does not attack pipes and surfaces and does not corrode.
It is heat stable, is not deactivated by organic residues, has a good environmental impact, and has low toxicity for mammals.
The treatment is effective in 2 min, with a 1/20 dilution. The 5 l container supplied is sufficient to carry out approximately 1000 sanitizations.
It can be used to periodically disinfect the spray line.
19.04 €