Plumbing hand tools: pliers, cutters


Professional tools for plumbers and installers. offers a wide range of tools such as pliers, pipe cutter, pipe wrench.

Adjustable pliers REX
Setup at the push of a button.
The fine adjustment makes it possible to adapt to the pieces that need to be tightened, even in a wide variety of shapes and to find the optimal position of the handles for the hand.
Self-tightening for pipes and nuts: no slip on the piece to be tightened and minimal work effort.
Transition hinge: double guide for high stability.
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Radiators cart and lifter - Termolift P
Radiators cart and lifter, with a maximum weight of 200 Kg. It can be moved also with a battery drill. Made in Italy by MGF Tools.
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Jaw for basin wrench
Insert jaw for hexagon nut basin wrench for fixing taps nuts. This tool makes your hexagonal wrench for fastening tap nuts even for washbasins.
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Radiators cart and lifter - Termolift S
Cart for radiators, equipped with wheels stair lift can lift radiators up to 200Kg as a real forklift and transport them on different planes. Made in Italy.
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Hexagon nut basin wrench
MGF Hexagon nut basin wrench for fixing taps nuts, supplied with 6 inserts included. Tubular structure tool for Ø 9 to 17 mm measures and articulated head.
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Basins Wrench 10 - 32 mm, 288 mm long
Sink wrench ideal for working in hard-to-reach places, forged jaw and hardened for a firm grip on the nut and 0-180° swivelling for excellent operation.
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Adjustable pliers non-sparking
Adjustable plier spark-proof aluminum-bronze, ideal for explosive environments, conducted in accordance with DIN/ISO 8976 and double asymmetrical toothed jaw.
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MULTI 26 MGF shears for precise cutting of multilayer tubes
The MULTI 26 MGF 922780 Shears: your reliable companion for precise cutting of multilayer tubes. Featuring a PTFE-coated blade and characterized by a lightweight and maneuverable design, these shears are designed to deliver optimal performance.
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Basins Wrench 15 - 32 mm, 288 mm long
Sink wrench ideal for working in hard-to-reach places, forged jaw and hardened for a firm grip on the nut and 0-180° swivelling for flawless operation.
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Combined pliers non-sparking
Spark-proof combined plier in aluminum-bronze, ideal for explosive environments, with biconmponente handle. Professional tool anti-spark, type clamp.
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Universal Tub Drain Wrench 1" - 1 1/4" MGF
Universal tub drains wrench for 1" and 1 1/4" shower drains. Made of anticorrosive metal and sent with optional adapters for almost all drains. Made in Italy.
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90° Lightweight Alloy American Pipe Wrench
Featuring a head angled at 90 degrees, this tool is perfect for operations close to walls or for maneuvering around pipes positioned side by side. Its distinguishing feature is its weigh - nearly half that of a conventional steel pipe wrench - yet it maintains enduring strength and durability.
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Telescopic basin wrench 10 - 32 mm, 460 mm long
Telescopic sink wrench with self-locating spring-loaded hook extendable in 4 steps. Wrench for basin and bath taps. Ideal for easier operation in a narrow space.
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38.50 €
American Pipe Wrench in Lightweight Alloy, Sizes 1 1/2" (49 mm) to 6" (166 mm)
Offering a comprehensive selection from 1 1/2” to 6", this tool delivers the essential features you require without compromise. Crafted from reinforced aluminum alloy, it combines lightness with robust durability. Its notable advantage is that it weighs nearly half as much as a traditional steel pipe wrench, yet maintains its structural integrity and durability over time.
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Reversible open and ratchet wrench MGF Tools
Reversible open end ratchet wrench MGF Tools, available in various sizes from 8 mm to 19 mm. Made of chrome-vanadium steel and resistant.
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Professional hacksaw frame 4 positions blade
Hacksaw with aluminum handle and blade 30 cm long, adjustable in 4 positions. With blade tension and spare blades storage. Mini-blade for impossible cuts.
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Next Generation Torque Wrench
Enhanced torque wrench system featuring intuitive and accurate color-coded torque settings for ease of use. Torque specifications are tailored to the union size: 1/4" at 18Nm, 3/8" at 42Nm, 1/2" at 55Nm, and 5/8" at 65Nm.
Every wrench undergoes calibration prior to dispatch to ensure precision.
A calibration certificate is included with each unit.
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Swedish pipe wrench at 90°
Characterized by a 90° angle, it also stands out for its thinner jaws and head. An ideal tool for the professional who requires a secure grip in corners.
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