Servicing and Maintenance Plumbing Tools - Mgf tools


Mgf tools helps plumbers in maintenance of heating, water and gas systems, providing equipments and tools from the best plumbing tools brands, made in Italy, robust and reliable.

In this category you will find many tools for plumbing systems servicing, for example:

  • drain cleaning tools, pumps and machines
  • descaling pump (pump for the circulation of acids)
  • pipeline washing pumps
  • water jetter machines
  • chemicals for the treatment and conditioning of the pipelines and plumbing systems


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Acid neutralizing liquid
It neutralizes the residual acidity present in the descaling processes of heating systems, exchangers, boilers, boilers, etc...
32.34 €
36.75 €
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Descaler acid not fumigant
Professional chemical product to dissolve the limestone and oxides in the pipes, coils of boilers and coils of pressure washers. Made in Italy.
27.72 €
31.50 €
Next Generation refrigerant gas leak detector
Refrigerant gas leak detector compatible with all refrigerants, with 6 levels of sensitivity. Include free: 1 spare sensor, calibration certificate, and battery.
336.28 €
382.14 €
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Chemical for conditioning new heating systems
Professional chemical for conditioning new heating systems. Pickling rust remover, remove lime deposits. Made in Italy by Facot, professional technical support
18.08 €
20.54 €
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Disinfecting chemical for heating systems
Chemical disinfectant for plumbing, heating and cooling. Effective to remove algae, mucilage, bacteria. Made in Italy
13.40 €
15.23 €
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Descaling acid - Chemical to dissolve limestone
Descaling acid for descaling pump. Professional plumbing chemical to dissolve the limestone and oxides in the pipes, coils of boilers and heat exchangers.
28.64 €
32.55 €
Drain cleaning pump, push-pull system, PUSH-UP
Drain cleaning pump, strong and cheap. Professional plumbing tools, is suitable for all the drains, thanks to the 3 adapters supplied with the pump.
78.75 €
125.00 €
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Regenerating liquid for antifreeze
Regenerating liquid to be added after over-exploitation of the antifreeze, when there is inadequate passivation on the metal parts. Made in Italy by Facot. 
19.40 €
22.05 €
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Film-forming liquid against CORROSION and DEPOSITS
Protective film-forming product, prevents the deposit of material and corrosion, on the walls of the tubes. Form a protective film. Made in Italy by Facot.
16.63 €
18.90 €
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Radiators cart and lifter - Termolift P
Radiators cart and lifter, with a maximum weight of 200 Kg. It can be moved also with a battery drill. Made in Italy by MGF Tools.
376.48 €
525.00 €
Professional multifunction high-pressure cleaner
Multifunction Pressure washer unclogging for Plumbers, CLEANMATIC by MGF Tools. Convenient to carry anywhere, it is a professional tools, product in Italy. 
379.02 €
600.00 €
MDM 20, Drain cleaner for manual operation
Manual unclogging spring MDM20, ideal for those looking for an economical and at the same time professional for the unblocking of drains.
65.00 €
99.00 €
Thermohygrometer Digital pocket

Professional tool for heat engineering and installers, ideal for detecting environmental conditions and carry out checks on air handling units.
112.00 €
175.00 €
Radiators cart and lifter - Termolift S
Cart for radiators, equipped with wheels stair lift can lift radiators up to 200Kg as a real forklift and transport them on different planes. Made in Italy.
508.97 €
700.00 €
Single stage tube expander and calibration tool
Expankit single stage tube expander and calibration tool with excellent results in copper, aluminium and steel pipes. Heads provided with step for calibration.
243.95 €
401.24 €
2 filters support
Support for 2 Filter housings.
6.88 €
7.73 €
Filter support
Support for single Filter housing.
3.63 €
4.08 €