Plumber Test Tools - Mgf tools, professional plumbing tools


Mgf tools keeps in stock all the tools plumbers use for testing heating, gas and air conditioning systems.

You should test a gas plant, a floor heating, or you should analize of the composition of a flue gas, Mgf tools offers you a full range of products and services:

  • pressure test pumps up to 1200 bar
  • electrical testing pumps up to 500 bar
  • pressure test instruments
  • electric screed heaters
  • flue gas analyzers, smoke and combustion analyzers
  • current meters with clamp
  • digital thermometers, laser digital thermometer
  • hygrometer and thermoanemometer


Manual pressure testing pump MGF
Manual pressure pump with vertical tank. It is ideal for pressure testing and leak testing. Made in Italy.
141.00 €
228.00 €
Pressure test pump "DUAL" by MGF
Pump for testing and pressurization of hydraulic circuits DUAL by MGF. Equipped with double valve for testing and draining. Maximum pressure 60 bar
172.01 €
265.00 €
On sale!-33.95%
Testing pump up to 60 bar - VITON O-Ring
Pressure testing pump, up to 60 bar. With steel tank and VITON O-Ring, it's a professional device 100% made in Italy by MGF Tools. Avoid chinese rubbish tools!
142.01 €
215.00 €
On sale!-32.81%
Lockoff valve with gauge HELP 580 PSI Glycerine
Placed between the pump and the system that control-tool "HELP" MGFTools, up to 40 bar/580PSI allows you to make long tests without leaving the pump in the yard
43.00 €
64.00 €
Thermohygrometer Digital pocket

Professional tool for heat engineering and installers, ideal for detecting environmental conditions and carry out checks on air handling units.
112.00 €
175.00 €
High Pressure Electric Testing Pump
High-pressure electric testing pump MGF Tools, easy testing up to 250 bar, ideal for hydraulic systems, fire prevention and heating systems, for steam plants.
896.00 €
1,400.00 €
High Pressure Testing Pump
High-pressure testing pump, up to 1300 bar, manual. Excellent for pressure testing systems, piping, and vessels at very high pressure (i.e. shipyards, chemical..)
2,571.73 €
4,075.00 €
2 filters support
Support for 2 Filter housings.
6.88 €
7.73 €
Filter support
Support for single Filter housing.
3.63 €
4.08 €