Pliers and wrenches - mgf tools, professional plumbing tools


Any need to tighten, from metal sheet welding to the pipes up to 12", mgf tools provides you the right solution, always in stock. For example, waterpump pliers by MGF are made in Germany, according to the most rigorous quality standards.

In our pliers and wrenches catalogue you will find:

  • Adjustable pliers and waterpump pliers from the classic red, the button waterpump, the cheap waterpump plier
  • Pipe wrenches, swedish pipe wrenches Swedish, American heavy duty pipe wrenches, American lightweight aluminium pipe wrenches
  • Pliers for electrician
  • Pliers for plumbing


Adjustable pliers non-sparking
Adjustable plier spark-proof aluminum-bronze, ideal for explosive environments, conducted in accordance with DIN/ISO 8976 and double asymmetrical toothed jaw.
9.04 €
10.27 €
Combined pliers non-sparking
Spark-proof combined plier in aluminum-bronze, ideal for explosive environments, with biconmponente handle. Professional tool anti-spark, type clamp.
25.86 €
29.39 €