Pipe cutters, professional plumbing tools

Pipe Cutters

Into Mgftools.eu catalog you can not miss the cutters category. Our offer of professional plumbing tools covers all the needs of cutting in terms of diameter, technology and material to cut.

Always in stock, ready to be shipped, you will find a wide range of cutting tools:

  • wheel pipe cutters
  • telescopic pipe cutters
  • chain pipe cutters
  • shears
  • automatic shears
  • ...

We provide cutting tools for many different materials, such as:

  • cutters and shears for plastic pipes
  • cutters and shears for multilayer pipes
  • pipe cutters for copper pipes
  • pipe cutters for steel pipes


Universal Plastic Pipe Beveler
Universal Plastic Pipe Beveler from Ø25mm to Ø168 mm. Designed to produce quickly a smooth 15° bevel on plastic pipes.
70.95 €
109.00 €
Professional hacksaw frame 4 positions blade
Hacksaw with aluminum handle and blade 30 cm long, adjustable in 4 positions. With blade tension and spare blades storage. Mini-blade for impossible cuts.
20.05 €
30.38 €
Professional cutter with segmented blade 18 mm
Professional cutter, segmented blade 18 mm high and 100 mm long, two spare blades included, equipped with locking screw. Professional cutting tool.
2.70 €
4.10 €
Telescopic pipe cutter TELESCOPIC 32
Telescopic thumbwheel pipe cutter for copper and thin steel pipes, for diameters from 3 to 32 mm (1/8'' - 1 1/4''). Telescopic 32 MGF Tools with a deburring tool
18.89 €
24.69 €
Internal and External Pipe deburring tool
MGF Tools universal pipe deburrer for Stainless steel pipes, steel, copper, aluminium, plastic and multilayer. It can be used for burrs of internal and external.
26.97 €
45.00 €
Pipe cutter for CSST corrugated pipes 32 mm
Automatic32 MGFTools telescopic pipe cutter with an exclusive 8-roller system for CSST corrugated pipe cutting efficiently without pipe squeezing and with spring return
28.70 €
45.22 €
Telescopic Pipe Cutter 67 with Spring return
Telescopic pipe cutter 6-67mm and 1/4''-2 1/2'' for cutting copper, thin steel or plastic pipes, with wheel and deburrer integrated. Automatic spring return.
65.00 €
97.01 €