MULTI 26 MGF shears for precise cutting of multilayer tubes
The MULTI 26 MGF 922780 Shears: your reliable companion for precise cutting of multilayer tubes. Featuring a PTFE-coated blade and characterized by a lightweight and maneuverable design, these shears are designed to deliver optimal performance.
46.51 €
59.00 €
2 filters support
Support for 2 Filter housings.
8.89 €
9.99 €
Adapter for mobile heater- monophase, Schuko
Adapter for concrete screed heater and boiler MGF Vulcano, to work with one phase. With Schuko plug 16A, it allow to heat the water with 3.3KW power.
47.25 €
72.40 €
Adapter for water heater monophase 6,7KW
Adapter for concrete screed heater and boiler MGF Vulcano, to work with one phase. With industrial plug 32A, it allow to heat the water with 6,7KW power.
65.00 €
76.41 €
Adjustable pliers REX
Setup at the push of a button.
The fine adjustment makes it possible to adapt to the pieces that need to be tightened, even in a wide variety of shapes and to find the optimal position of the handles for the hand.
Self-tightening for pipes and nuts: no slip on the piece to be tightened and minimal work effort.
Transition hinge: double guide for high stability.
27.16 €
40.98 €
Adjustable pliers non-sparking
Adjustable plier spark-proof aluminum-bronze, ideal for explosive environments, conducted in accordance with DIN/ISO 8976 and double asymmetrical toothed jaw.
9.12 €
10.36 €
AirCleaner - Quick and easy sanitation of the work environment
Disinfection of the work environment is a very hot topic today. In fact, many customers and companies are looking for appropriate solutions for environmental remediation against COVID-19. More specifically, we should say the prevention of COVID-19, which is a disease (an acronym for Corona virus). And we should talk equally accurately about disinfection against the Sars-CoV-2 family, which is a virus, the family of coronaviruses, which is responsible for the infamous Covid-19 disease.
1,799.26 €
2,249.08 €
Axial Pressfitting Machine PressAx
Universal hand tool for installing underfloor heating pipes and for pipes from the PEX 5 series.
196.65 €
301.94 €
Basins Wrench 10 - 32 mm, 288 mm long
Sink wrench ideal for working in hard-to-reach places, forged jaw and hardened for a firm grip on the nut and 0-180° swivelling for excellent operation.
12.20 €
18.44 €
Basins Wrench 15 - 32 mm, 288 mm long
Sink wrench ideal for working in hard-to-reach places, forged jaw and hardened for a firm grip on the nut and 0-180° swivelling for flawless operation.
25.75 €
35.26 €
B-Level Plumber spirit level
MGFTools Level with the additional vial to measure the inclination in mm/m produced in Italy. Ideal for measuring the inclination of pneumatic and plumbing systems.
29.18 €
40.66 €
Bracket for Diamomd drills
Diamond drill bits for core drills cover all drilling requirements up to 202 mm in diameter. We have a wide range of accessories available for almost every use. Due to their low weight, they are easy to transport and use, ideal for installers, plumbers, electricians and all construction professionals.Made of aluminum, with steel inserts for maximum rigidity and low weight.
1,830.07 €
2,033.41 €
Calibrator for multilayer pipe Kit 2 pieces
Kit consisting of 2 pieces of calibrators for multilayer pipes. Ideal for recalibration of the tube after cutting operations. Kit for various tube sizes.
18.79 €
28.53 €
Charging Hose KIT 5/16''-5/16'' 45° 1500
Complete set with 3 Charging hoses for R410, R32 1500mm, equipped with core depressor and knurled nut, connections 5/16''
57.75 €
85.03 €
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Chemical for conditioning new heating systems
Professional chemical for conditioning new heating systems. Pickling rust remover, remove lime deposits. Made in Italy by Facot, professional technical support
19.95 €
24.10 €
CLASSIC Professional Level
Standard Level Classic model with 2 bubbles: one horizontal and one vertical, produced in Italy. "MGF Tools" level resistant to impact and corrosion.
12.55 €
17.00 €