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MGF Tools offers a range of products for the professional installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems.

Also in this area the installer will find quality products: vacuum pumps, gauges and manifolds,  and flaring tools, refrigerant gases, recovery machines for refrigerants, leak detectors, scales...

For installers we also offer calibration services according to the highest quality standards required by the standard F-GAS, for all instruments.

Services Mgf tools are the usual, fast response times, support pre and post sales service.

Copper brazing alloys for flame welding CP202
Brazing alloy, copper 93% - phosphorus 7% for high quality brazing according to EN 1044: 1999 CP 202. For copper pipes in plumbing and air-conditioning systems.
39.38 €
60.46 €
Refrigerants Scale MINI 11 lbs. (5kg)
MINI Electronic digital battery scale for refrigerants, with a maximum, weighed of 5 Kg and with a subdivision of 1 gram. Comfortable to always carry in the toolbox. 
42.00 €
49.30 €
Two-stage Vacuum Pump
Two-stage vacuum pump for air conditioning, Eastern Cool: economic, imported. The pump is tested accurately in Italy before shipping.
188.92 €
247.25 €
Refrigerants Recovery unit w/oil separator 1 HP
Refrigerant gas recovery unit, excellent refrigerant gas recovery system, fully compatible also with R32 refrigerants and push-pull function.
1,045.05 €
1,540.46 €
Complete digital SET for HVAC
Kit supplied in case for maintenance and installation of climate systems. Version with digital manifold suitable for 89 types of gas.
840.01 €
1,231.14 €
Digital gauge manifold SET
This electronic gauge manifold is an device for the installation, testing and maintenance of refrigeration equipment such as air conditioners and cold storage.
395.02 €
597.70 €
Gauge Manifolds 4 ways R410a, R32, R407C, R134A
HVAC Gauge manifolds 4 ways, connections 5/16" - 3/8" for R410a and R32; composed of pulse-free gauge manometers, adjusting screw, valves and connections.
72.24 €
110.92 €
Gauge Manifolds 4 ways R422, R407, R134a - 1/4''
HVAC Gauge manifolds 4 ways, connections 1/4" - 3/8" for R422, R407, and R134a; composed of pulse-free gauge manometers, adjusting screws, valves, and connections.
72.24 €
110.92 €
Charging Hose KIT 5/16''-5/16'' 45° 1500
Complete set with 3 Charging hoses for R410, R32 1500mm, equipped with core depressor and knurled nut, connections 5/16''
57.75 €
85.03 €
Universal Plastic Pipe Beveler
Universal Plastic Pipe Beveler from Ø25mm to Ø168 mm. Designed to produce quickly a smooth 15° bevel on plastic pipes.
96.01 €
134.33 €
Single stage tube expander and calibration tool
Expankit single stage tube expander and calibration tool with excellent results in copper, aluminium and steel pipes. Heads provided with step for calibration.
280.93 €
431.33 €
Gas leak detector
Gas leak detector that adopts to detects gas leakage with high sensitivity and strong adaptive ability. For: Methane, natural gas, coal gas, ethane, etc
178.00 €
258.80 €
Thermohygrometer Digital pocket

Professional tool for heat engineering and installers, ideal for detecting environmental conditions and carry out checks on air handling units.
149.01 €
215.67 €
Next Generation Torque Wrench
Enhanced torque wrench system featuring intuitive and accurate color-coded torque settings for ease of use. Torque specifications are tailored to the union size: 1/4" at 18Nm, 3/8" at 42Nm, 1/2" at 55Nm, and 5/8" at 65Nm.
Every wrench undergoes calibration prior to dispatch to ensure precision.
A calibration certificate is included with each unit.
105.00 €
147.89 €
TELESCOPIC 32 Telescopic pipe cutter 3 - 32 mm
Telescopic thumbwheel pipe cutter for copper and thin steel pipes, for diameters from 3 to 32 mm (1/8'' - 1 1/4''). Telescopic 32 MGF Tools with a deburring tool
33.68 €
44.02 €