Pipe working tools MGF: the best quality/price ratio for demanding plumbers

Pipe Working

MGF pipe working tools are designed and manufactured in Italy. Tools for the most demanding plumbers and installers, suitable for the intense work and the building site life. MGF pipe benders are often cheaper than tools imported from China, and ensure better quality, finishing and prices. Proper stock management ensures fast delivery all over Europe.

Ratchet Bender CM MGF up to 26 mm
Pipe bender up to 26 mm for copper, covered annealed copper, multilayer, steel pipes is one of the professional tools.
148.99 €
240.00 €
Tube bender for copper up to 22mm - MGF MASTER
Ratchet pipe bender for mm and inch sized pipes, soft copper, multilayer, mild steel and aluminum. This bending tool is made in Italy, robust and reliable
217.98 €
255.84 €
Tube bender for copper and steel: Classic MGF
Bending tool for pipes in copper, aluminum and steel up to 180 degrees and 16 mm (5/8 ''). Professional plumbing tool guaranteed by MGFTools
15.41 €
23.00 €
Tube bender for insulated copper
Bender for pipes in millimeters and inches, in annealed copper and for insulated copper, like air conditioner copper. Professional plumbing tools made in Italy.
170.50 €
275.00 €
Hydraulic HB 22 and HB 32 pipe bender
Adjustable lever stroke: handy and comfortableAluminum and steel body, double body: robust and reliableHydraulic system: minimum effort even on the largest diameters
304.29 €
441.00 €
Pipe Bender Hand tube bending
Fiberglass pipe bender, to bend pipes up to 180 ° and 10 mm (3/8 ''). Including 7 formers, professional plumbing tool made in Italy.
19.57 €
28.51 €
Hydraulic Oil (1 L)
Hydraulic oil for Hydraulic bender (Art. 902700-902799)
13.70 €
20.00 €
CLASSIC Professional Level
Standard Level Classic model with 2 bubbles: one horizontal and one vertical, produced in Italy. "MGF Tools" level resistant to impact and corrosion.
10.80 €
16.60 €